The MapleHacks organizing team reserves the right to disqualify project submissions that do not adhere to the following guidelines. Please contact a MapleHacks Organizer if you have any questions regarding these guidelines.


Projects can be completed individually or in a group with a maximum size of 4 students. All team members must be approved, registered Hack Western attendees present at the event.


All code written for MapleHacks must be written between 11:30 AM on Saturday, March 18th, 2023 and 11:30 AM on Sunday, March 19th, 2023 with the exception of code taken from public and open source libraries, APIs, or tutorials.


All art assets brought into MapleHacks for your project must be free and publicly available, or created yourself within the hacking duration.


The final product must be original: it must not be the same as the product of a tutorial, a submission to a previous hackathon, or a personal project completed before MapleHacks. Attendees are trusted to ensure the originality of their projects in good faith. MapleHacks retains the right to inspect the source code of projects in case of a dispute. All projects and intellectual property produced at MapleHacks belong to the attendees who produced it.

Project and Submission Requirements

Submit your team's GitHub repository and/or any other files that your team produced (especially if its a no/low code solution). Short explanations are welcome as well, but not required

  • Please add each member of your team to your project

Please indicate all the prizes you would like to be considered for. If it is found that you are attempting to mislead yourselves to be considered for a prize you should not be, YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED from receiving any prize.